Computer Engineering

St. George Campus, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering


Bachelor of Applied Science 


Computer Engineering

  • Optional specializations after Year 2:

    • Photonics

    • Electromagnetics

    • Control Systems

    • Signal Processing

    • Bioengineering

    • Computer Software

    • Digital Electronics

    • Semiconductor Physics

    • Energy Systems

    • Communication Systems

    • Computer Networks

    • Computer Hardware

    • Analog Electronics


As an Electrical and Computer Engineering student you will learn from professors conducting leading-edge research on the most rapidly developing technology humankind has ever seen: building groundbreaking biomedical devices; making it safer and faster to store your data in the cloud; and developing new robotic systems that can search disaster sites or remotely explore other planets. The Electrical & Computer Engineering  program allows you to follow the path of your interests to a career of your choice.

Admissions Requirements

OUAC Admission Code

TCS (Computer Engineering)