Danielle Sandhu Leadership Award

Eligibility (Basic Eligibility): 

To be awarded to an undergraduate student who has self-identified with mental health challenges (registration with Accessibility Services is not required). Recipient will be determined on the basis of academic excellence and demonstrated leadership in the University and/or broader community. Leadership can be broadly defined in terms of any social, academic, and volunteer experience in the University or in the community.

Award type: 
Scholarship for Current Students
Application Required
Level of Study: 
Description of Award: 

The Daniel Sandhu Leadership Award was established to honour Danielle Sandhu for her dedication to undergraduate students at the University of Toronto, particularly in the service of students with mental health challenges.  As an undergraduate student, Danielle Sandhu served on the Woodsworth College Students' Association, and served three executive terms on the U of T Students' Union. The award donor wishes to honour the life-changing impact of D.Sandhu's  continued encouragement and support during her tenure at the U of T Students' Union.

Academic Year: 
How to Apply: 

1. Complete the application form: http://www3.adm.utoronto.ca/php/website_files/pdf_applications/SandhuDan... 2. Attach an essay describing the impact of the mental health challenge on your life and leadership experience. Explain how you have overcome the challenge 3. Attach a complete transcript of your academic results 4. Submit a letter of reference in support of your application. The reference must attest to the facts as described in your essay.

Deadline to Apply: 
October 31st, annually
How/When is it paid?: 

Winter term

Actual Deadline Date: 
Wednesday, October 31, 2018